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Laura V. Keegan




Mystery, Suspense and the Supernatural Highlight Laura V. Keegan’s Debut Novel ‘Haunting at Remington House’


Laura V. Keegan’s new novel is a suspenseful thriller that weaves together the experiences of the living and the dead, telling a haunted tale of love, revenge, betrayal, and supernatural possession.


Edgewater, CO, February 9, 2015 – Against the backdrop of coastal New England in autumn, the characters in Laura V. Keegan’s debut novel ‘Haunting at Remington House’ come to life—and come back from the dead—in a darkly detailed ghost story that stirs the imagination with rich descriptive prose and supernatural happenings in a stately old house at the edge of the sea. As the waves crash and batter the shore below, Remington House sits high on a rocky cliff, harboring a violent secret and sinister spirits with malevolent intentions.


After spending two years wallowing in grief and despair following the premature and tragic loss of his wife Elise—a loss for which he blames himself— Keegan’s main character, forty-year-old Tom Gardner, purchases Remington House and moves to the outskirts of the seaside town of Ravenswood. Hoping to let go of the pain and torment of his past, Tom unknowingly brings with him the angry spirit of his dead wife as he struggles to start his life over in a house that has its own dark history and disgruntled, ghostly inhabitants.


Almost immediately, Tom begins to suspect that he isn’t alone at Remington House but easily finds excuses for lights that flicker, doors that slam and the creak of floorboards in the attic. He soon realizes that these are just the tip of the iceberg and quickly finds himself embroiled in a series of terror-filled experiences—and at the mercy of powerful, ominous forces—that threaten the lives of his family, friends and the other residents of Ravenswood.


 “I love mysteries and love to be frightened,” says Keegan. “Combining those aspects in my story with the often frightening workings of the mind during times of duress, increases the tension and keeps the reader wanting more. Add to that my love of the supernatural and we have the perfect formula for the tale of a haunting.”


‘Haunting at Remington House’ is not a run-of-the-mill scary story about things that go bump in the night. Keegan goes beyond the usual boundaries of ghost stories and   instead delivers an interesting, complicated and well-developed cast of characters—dead and alive—who carry the twists and surprising turns of her novel alongside vivid imagery and a compelling, spine-tingling narrative.


"Focusing on the supernatural versus the human element is always fascinating. I offer unique interactions among living characters and spirits, whom I portray as formidable yet fallible,” says Keegan. “The ensuing battles of psyches, where there are no rules, are wicked games played throughout the book. The unpredictable ending will open readers’ minds to another dimension."


‘Haunting at Remington House’ is published in eBook format by and is now available at popular online retailers including,, Apple’s iBookstore, Google Play and Kobo. It will soon be available in print from and


Review copies of ‘Haunting at Remington House’ are available to media contacts upon request. Author Laura V. Keegan is available for interviews.





                     What readers are saying about Haunting at Remington House :


* Intriguing . . . Leaves the reader wanting more.   -H. Wells


* I was up until midnight, reading until my eyes wouldn't focus, completely caught up in your story. Wow! You really pull the reader in with the visceral details. Great work.   -Barbara Snow, Author The Sudden Caregiver: Surrendering to Enlightenment; The Phoenix Spring; and Inside Out


* Laura Keegan's new book is a masterpiece of intrigue, mystery and terror. Laura's cast of characters interact between the real world and the supernatural realm.The result is turmoil between the two. Laura's meticulous detail in characterization and settings creates dark and brooding imagery for the reader. Plan to be up all night reading this one.  -Patricia Ann Reid  author of  Sean's Secret Room-Ghostly Guide to an Old West Town and The Magical Red Flower- An Aztec Legend 


* Curl up in a comfy chair and settle in. You won’t want to put this book down. Although it offers plenty of bone chilling moments, you will also find that the relationships between the characters will keep your interest as well. Sara, Mary, Cassie and Terese were a lot of fun together. There were also some sizzling moments with Tom and Sara. Each character in the book brought something unique to the story. Looking forward to a sequel.   -Jamie McElhany


* If you love mystery, if the ghostly after life intrigues you, if you like interesting characters with a surprise ending, you must read Laura Keegan’s Haunting at Remington House.  It is rare when a book holds my attention until the last page, so I can heartedly recommend this intriguing book.  Enjoy the read!!    -Laurel Jean Becker, Author In the Heart of a Quiet Garden


* This book has all the intrigue that mystery lovers love. Laura Keegan's fascination with the "dark side" shines through every line, and her dedication to language makes this work a pleasure to read. - S. Langton


* Haunting at Remington House is a great read!  From the moment you begin turning the pages to the last words you’ll find yourself in a gripping fear.  Laura Keegan will keep you guessing as the plot twists and turns!  I highly recommend reading this book just not right before bedtime!  -Beth A. Hedberg






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