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Laura Keegan is a psychic medium. She’s had a unique connection to the spirit world since she was a child, communicating not only with family members but other spirits who had passed.


She communicates with spirits through CLAIRVOYANCE (clear seeing), CLAIRAUDIENCE (clear hearing) and CLAIRSENTIENCE (clear knowing and feeling), CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (intuitive knowledge), CLAIRTANGENCY (clear touch), CLAIREMPATHY – intuitive feeling of emotion, CLAIRELOQUENCE – intuitive communicating and CLAIRSALIENCE (intuitive smell).

Her ability to connect to spirits who have passed has brought about many unusual and seemingly unexplainable readings. Her ability to read emotions and bring messages from the spirits to their loved ones has been a comfort to both friends and strangers.

Laura has studied under numerous trance mediums, mediums and physical mediums as well as having studied at De Zwanenhoff in Zenderen, Holland. Her gallery readings, alone and with other mediums, have been amazing pathways for spirits to connect with loved ones giving messages that clearly resonate with those in attendance as well as messages that can be shared with those not in attendance as means of comforting communication between the realms of living and those who have passed.

For the past five years, Laura has also been invited to one of the famous over one-hundred year old hotels in downtown Denver each Halloween season to give tours to hundreds of people, as well as employees, connecting with spirits still inhabiting the hotel. From the underground tunnels to the topmost floors of the hotel, spirits of every imaginable demeanor walk the halls and haunt the rooms demanding the livings’ attention. The number of spirits inhabiting the hotel is astounding. Connecting with these souls, some dark and malevolent, some completely unaware of our presence, some gentle and lonely longing for our compassion and companionship, is both frightening and heart wrenching—an experience not soon to be forgotten. Forceful pushes, flashes of light, ghostly images, pungent smells and shouts and whispers of the dead cement our beliefs that indeed the dead still live at this hotel.  




    Contact me to schedule a session with me to connect with your loved ones.Using

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